“Management consultants, with a deep knowledge of governance dynamics and operational processes of companies”

BOSCO&CO. is a management consultancy firm whose members’ professional experience dates back to their collaboration with companies belonging to different sectors. Our consultants worked in different business departments performing different roles before devoting themselves to consultancy. Their know-how allows them to understand companies working process and dynamics, and improve a deep and overall vision of the business system.

The BOSCO&CO. scientific team believes in lifelong learning, concerning business issues – old and new ones -, in order to improve the consultants’ knowledge and to spread and share those issues into the business and academic world.

The high knowledge of the corporate governance and management of the company, allow the BOSCO&CO. consultants to develop a resilient and tailor made approach, according to the features of each company, especially when it comes to the relationship with entrepreneurs and their staff, implementing both ordinary projects and extraordinary operations.