“A background of skills and specific experiences available for different business situations.”

We put our distinctive managerial competencies and a qualified knowledge about the business process at the customers’ disposal, to support the entrepreneur and the management in solving the different problems that may arise in a company. Moreover we help them to manage those dynamics, which characterize the relationship with the stakeholders.

The internal scientific team guarantees the lifelong learning of the BOSCO&CO. professionals, stimulating new orienteering and openness to innovative business themes.

The wealth of experience and the talent in catching the distinctive features of the customer and the inner dynamics are the strengths of BOSCO&CO.; a consulting project is successful only through devotion and passion to the relationship with the customer.

Strategic Plan & Assessment

  • Assessment and due diligence
  • Corporate planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Environment analysis (SWOT)
  • Operational Programming
  • Business Recovery planning and restructuring
  • Co-makership projects development (Companies network)

Organization & Information System

  • Organizational Analysis and Assessment
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Implementation of the processs management
  • Development of productivity analysis system
  • Integration of the process management to the performance measurement system
  • Analisys of information flows and design of the best IT system
  • Design of the IT structure that better meets organizational requirements (HW and SW)
  • Support to the implementation of the ERP and BMP systems

Performance Measurement System

  • Design and implementation of control systems and management reporting
  • Development of analytical accounting system
  • Company profitability analysis
  • Profit centre analysis
  • Forecasting and budgeting design and development
  • Financial flows analysis and long-medium term planning
  • Support to general accounting system and develop of financial statement

Finance & Extraordinary Operation

  • Business & accounting due diligence
  • Company Valuation
  • Supporting extraordinary finance operations (merger and acquisition)
  • Corporate Crisis management and recovery plans
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Support to control of the indicators of crisis and insolvency of companies

Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics process analysis and optimization
  • Design and implementation of solutions for the optimization of working capital
  • Design and development of logistic interface solutions within the supply chain
  • Support to the implementation of logistics outsourcing
  • Supply Chain Finance solutions

Marketing & Sales

  • Marketing Planning
  • Brand building
  • Positioning and re-positioning
  • Marketing mix definition
  • Communication Strategies
  • Sales performances improvement
  • Assessment of the sales networks
  • Development of new sales channels
  • Design of incentive plans building

Training & Body Rental

  • Manager training in the different governance and management areas
  • Coaching
  • Developing human resources integration plans
  • Head hunting and placement